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American Tax Payer Relief Act

What You Need to Know and how it Benefits You!

On Jan. 1st, 2013, the 112th Congress passed the American Taxpayer Relief act of 2012. Within this was the reinstatement of the 25C Tax credit. The 25C tax credit allows tax payers who have qualifying equipment installed able to claim 10% of the cost of the installation for a tax credit. The maximum allowable tax credit is up to $500. Any taxpayer that has claimed the maximum allowable tax credit of $500 since Jan.1st, 2005 is not eligible for any further tax credits on the 25C American Taxpayer Relief Act.

Allowable time frame:


Equipment type Max. Tax Credit Notes AFUE SEER EER HSPF COP
Split System Air Conditioner $300 16.0 13.0
Split System Heat Pump $300 15.0 12.5 8.5
Packaged/AC $300 14.0 12.0
Packaged Gas/Elec $300 14.0 12.0 8.0
Packaged Dual Fuel $300 14.0 12.0
Furnaces(Nat.Gas, Propane, Oil) $150 95%
Water Heater (Electric Heat Pump) $300 1
Water Heater (Nat.Gas, Propane, Oil) $300 2


1) Must have at least a 2.0 energy factor.
2)  Must have at least a .82 energy factor & equal to or greater than 90% thermal efficiency.
3) Must use less than 2% of the total furnace energy usage.
4) You must meet all criteria of a product to receive the tax credit.
5) Geothermal are allowed to take 30% of the total installation.
6) Commercial three phase geothermal units are not eligible for tax credits.